Josh Rauch – Indiana

I wanted to share a success story. Two years ago, we started using Whitetail Institute products. We have used its soil tests and followed the suggested amendments. We have contacted Whitetail Institute support guys, and they have been very helpful in providing us with recommendations on how to go about planting. We planted a couple of acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chicory Plus (now Fusion). Since that time, the deer and turkeys have been in the clover and chicory plots on a regular basis. Trail cameras have shown several nice mature deer. My dad, Jeff Rauch, harvested one of our target bucks this past weekend in southern Indiana. We have had trail-cam pictures of this buck for the past two years. Last year, he was seen in daylight on one occasion. This past Saturday, he made the mistake of entering one of our plots in daylight. He came within range, and my dad was able to harvest the big guy with his crossbow. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Whitetail Institute, for all your advice and products! You have earned a lifelong customer.