Emile Dionne – New Hampshire

 I currently use Imperial Whitetail Clover, Winter-Greens, Winter Peas Plus and Whitetail Oats Plus. The observations I have noticed are many; a lot more deer, much heavier antlers, bigger bucks and does and also a doe with three fawns. There is a period when the food plots experience a lull in activity when the acorns are falling. After that the plots are leveled.
My approach to planting and hunting food plots is different than most. I have four 1/2-acre plots very close to each other for variety and they are separated by thin swaths of timber. I hunt the trails going to and from them. I have added a few pictures to show the animals that use my plots. One shows deer digging through the snow to get to the Imperial Whitetail Clover. The increase in food has helped beyond my expectations! My Imperial Whitetail Clover plot gets the most consistent use day and night. Winter-Greens is incredible! They love it! Winter Peas Plus is every bit as good as your Winter-Greens. I planted Whitetail Oats Plus a little late, and I didn’t get any rain for two weeks after planting it. To add insult to injury, the turkeys hit the seeds pretty hard. In spite of all that the Whitetail Oats Plus came up, and I was actually surprised how much the deer liked it. I’ll be planting this one again, too.