JASON SAY - Pennsylvania

I live and hunt in northwest Pennsylvania and have been planting Whitetail Institute food plots for the past eight years. We have watched our property improve more with every season.

Be Sure to Get the Most from Your Perennial Food Plots Controlling grass and weeds in your perennials should be at the top of the list

By Jon Cooner

As the first warmer weather of the year turns our minds to getting back outdoors and enjoying spring leisure activities, it can be easy to forget about food plots. Avoiding that temptation, though, yields big dividends. Controlling grass and weeds in perennial forage stands is one reason that’s so especially important. Doing so is easy, and it pays off in many ways for next hunting season and years to come.

BEWARE of fast food minerals

 By Matt Harper

Being raised a farm kid, I would like to consider myself fairly handy when it comes to building or fixing things. Give me a chunk of wood and I can build (or at least cobble together) just about anything. On the other hand, hook me up with a 220-volt metal-melting apparatus called a welder, and I and anyone around me will be lucky to escape with their lives. I remember my only welding experience. I was building brackets for shop shelves, and after an hour’s worth of feverish work, I tested the new shelf with one quart of oil and watched the entire shelving system crash to the ground.

Telling Today’s Story for Tomorrow

By Kristopher M. Klemick

I grew up fascinated by trains. Through my adolescent years, the appreciation grew, and after high school, I accomplished one of my life’s goals — I was working for the railroad.

New Imperial Whitetail Conceal

The Whitetail Institute’s new product, Imperial Whitetail Conceal, is designed for creating bedding areas for deer and concealment for deer and hunter travel, right where you and your deer need it.  

Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant: Make the Most of Limited Antler-Growing Time

By Jon Cooner

Most of us would get a lot more done if we used our time more wisely. That’s especially true for hunters who want the bucks they hunt next fall to carry the largest antlers possible. Imperial Whitetail PowerPlant is the No. 1 forage tool you have specifically for providing bucks with the massive amounts of protein they need to help maximize antler size during the limited antler-growth period. And don’t wait to order PowerPlant. The Whitetail Institute only produces a specific amount of PowerPlant each year, and supplies are almost always exhausted before demand has been met.

Imperial Whitetail CLOVER The Most Significant Food Plot Forage Product Ever

By Whitetail Institute Staff

Number One. The Gold Standard. The Genesis. The Breakthrough. The Industry’s Benchmark for Quality and Performance. All these distinctions describe Imperial Whitetail Clover. Even so, no single tribute can do Imperial Whitetail Clover justice because it is all of these, and more. In fact, today we can see in hindsight that Imperial Whitetail Clover is the single most important food plot breakthrough ever in the history of the industry.