Knowledge is Power

By Charles J. Alsheimer

As I walked into my office, I noticed the message light blinking on my phone. I hit the replay button and heard the voice of a doctor from Pennsylvania. After listening to his message, I returned his call.


 I’ve planted different seeds from my local coop for several years. This past year I decided to plant Whitetail Institute products. Wow, what a difference. The Winter Peas Plus were hit first and they were hammered.

Big-Woods Food Plots

By Michael Veine

The right food plots in the right places can transform a big woods property from mediocrity to a deer hunting paradise.

Quality deer hunting has different meanings to different hunters. Some believe putting a big-antlered buck on the ground defines quality, but others are mainly turned on by tasty venison, and antlers are way down the priority list. Many hunters are more concerned with aesthetics or elements of the hunt that value particular settings, equipment or techniques rather than success.


 We plant approximately six acres of Winter-Greens and they far surpass other companies seeds! My father and I both killed mature bucks this year. Mine was a 150-inch (photo 1)

A Labor of Love...and Payback Time

By Gerald Almy

Glancing at the white farmhouse, I wondered what my neighbors would think if they saw the commotion where I was tilling a food plot that August afternoon. The plume of dust, which rose like smoke above me, must have looked like a scene from Dante’s Inferno. And the noise from the old diesel tractor as it rattled, clattered and banged into rocks in drought-parched dirt was no doubt deafening if you didn’t have ear plugs in, like I did.


 I own land on the Minnesota River in western Minnesota. This past fall while hunting over an Imperial Whitetail Clover food plot, I heard a soft, slow step coming through the woods. It finally came through with its head all the way to the ground in very thick buckthorn. It was a large 8-point about 20 yards from the stand.

Deer Suckers and Antler Builders A Guide to Product Identification

By Matt Harper

One of the major goals of a marketing group is to create a story or feeling around a product that is so appealing, the consumer believes their life would be better if they rushed out and purchased said product. If the consumer already has a deep passion for whatever the product will be used for, a small promotional push promising success is normally all it takes.