Desiree Howell – Wisconsin

We have been using Whitetail Institute products for 12 years now, and lately we have been pouring on the 30-06 mineral in strategic mineral lick locations on the property. The products do great things for our hunting success! Building a Whitetail Paradise is nearly as rewarding as the hunt! The field and property net between 300 to 400 pounds of boned-out venison every year. Getting the big bucks to slip up during the rifle season post-rut is indeed a challenge. This guy made a four-second mistake that ended my season on a great note. I was getting ready to shoot a doe when he came flying out of the brush 90 yards away at a full run, going somewhere in a big hurry. I turned the gun on him and fired with my .308 right before he was about to disappear behind a big balsam back into the brush. Thank you, Whitetail Institute, for your great products and for all that you do for hunters!