Tom Hardy – Pennsylvania

I have a small piece of land. About 60 acres. But, for this area it’s on the large side. We are challenged with fairly high hunting pressure, limited space for people to hunt and, unfortunately, some neighbors who are antihunting. However, despite this, we do pretty well. A lot of the credit goes to the great products the Whitetail Institute provides.
Pennsylvania implemented antler restrictions a few years ago. We started practicing it about five years before that and put a higher focus on doe management as well. Whitetail Institute products help our herd grow healthy and strong and help keep them coming back on my property more consistently. I attached some pictures of the improvement over the last ten years in our deer herd with before-and-after pictures. Picture 1 shows three racks from my property before we started our food plot and 30-06 Mineral Supplement efforts. They were not very impressive. The bottom two bucks in Picture 2 were before and the two on top of Picture 2 are more recent.
Picture 3 also shows more recent bucks. I have been very fortunate to be consistently successful the last decade or so. Last year, during bow season, I unfortunately missed a 160ishinch class buck. It would have been my biggest yet. Hopefully, I will get another opportunity at him this year! Again, thanks Whitetail Institute for your great products and help!