Edward Kosal – Michigan

 It used to be that we did not even see big bucks. Photos (1 & 2) show what we used to shoot. But since we started using Whitetail Institute products (Imperial Whitetail Clover, Chicory Plus, Tall Tine Tubers, No-Plow and 30-06 Minerals), we have been steadily seeing more and bigger bucks with more mass every year. My granddaughter has been hunting four years and every year keeps shooting bigger and bigger bucks.
My son, Jeremy, shot a 140-inch bow kill (photo 3) three years after we started Whitetail Institute plots. For myself, I have been seeing more and healthier deer, bucks, does, fawns. My granddaughter, Amanda, shot the beautiful buck in Photo 4. This photo shows why we do what we do.