Jim Halley – Virginia

 I have been using Whitetail Institute products for a long time. And, if you look at the beautiful 10-pointer and the monster 14-pointer of which I have enclosed pictures, you will know why. The Imperial Whitetail Clover has held the does and bucks. The deer love the Imperial Whitetail Clover.
The following is a story about a young deer I named Dumb- Dumb because I thought he was really stupid. I saw him all hunting season on my 60 acres. I have two large food plots in different fields and Dumb-Dumb was on one or the other. I usually sit at my ground blind behind the house. Dumb-Dumb came so close to me so many times that I could have reached out the window and touched him. That was three years ago. He had a bunch of small horns coming out of his head which was very unusual. The following hunting season, Dumb-Dumb had grown his bunch of horns much longer so I named him Freaky. Again, I saw him on both plots and he came very very close to my blind. I saw him all hunting season and actually considered shooting him to keep him from doing any breeding. I thought he was a cull-buck that needed to get out of breeding stock, but decided to let him go. I never saw him last year. This past season, I started hearing about a buck with an unusual rack but I had never seen him. Others on the adjoining farm had pictures of him and named him T-Rex. On Nov. 6, black powder season, three does came by my blind. About ten minutes went by and, all of a sudden, it happened! There came T-Rex running straight at me about 60 yards. I had about three seconds to get the black powder gun out the window. All I could see was horns. He moved to his left running wide open giving me a broadside shot. He fell in my food plot. My son came down and said that it was T-Rex. That was the first time I had ever seen him. I was too excited to talk. I have many big bucks mounted but none like T-Rex. Unofficially he scored 215 B&C.