Dennis Vance – Illinois

A group of guys and I have leased this acreage for more than 15 years in Illinois. From the start of our club we have used Imperial Whitetail Clover, Alfa-Rack Plus, Extreme, Edge and other Whitetail Institute products almost exclusively.
When we first started hunting there, it was almost all small bucks, but now we have a good number of what we call shooters. My son, in the last three years, has taken three super bucks. Two of them are Pope & Young (Photo 1 and 2)
and the third a little smaller. Other guys have also taken good bucks. One was 169-7/8 inches (Photo 3)
and another one of our members harvested a 13-pointer out of one of our food plots sown with No-Plow and Winter Peas Plus that scored 160 inches (Photo 4).