Todd Zippel - Wisconsin

Well, I got my best buck ever opening evening of this past year’s bow opener. We had him in the neighborhood last year as a beautiful 3-1/2- year-old 10-pointer.
We got pictures of him last year feeding and coming and going to the Winter- Greens, Pure Attraction and No-Plow. This year he had been photographed in the Imperial Whitetail Clover and Pure Attraction up until Saturday evening. He’s 4-1/2 and dressed 198 pounds and has 10 typical, and 12 total points with a 19-3/8-inch inside spread. He’s been green scored 163-3/8 gross and 145-6/8 net typical and 158-4/8 nontypical. Thanks to the nutrition from the Whitetail Institute products, genetics and age, I put my best buck to date on the ground. Thanks again Whitetail Institute. Hope you enjoy the picture with me, my wife, Nancy, and the buck.