Steve Scudder - Indiana

Since planting my first Alfa-Rack plot over 10 years ago I have been truly amazed at the difference Whitetail Institute products have made on the deer where we hunt.
Bigger, healthier deer and the antler growth is incredible. I have planted competitors’ products next to Whitetail Institute’s and have watched deer walk through the others to get to Whitetail Institute’s. I have witnessed deer walk 200 yards across a green soybean field in early October without touching one bean, jump a fence, and immediately start feeding in an Imperial Clover plot.
That to me says that the Whitetail Institute products are top notch! Five years ago, my oldest son, Tristan, started hunting with me when he was six. The food plots have been a great tool while getting him started. Anyone introducing kids to this great sport can’t go wrong with planting a plot using any of Whitetail Institute’s products. Like they say, “If you plant it, they will come.” And, they do! Since Tristan started hunting he has taken seven deer and four turkeys off plots planted with Whitetail Institute products. His latest turkey had three beards, which once registered, will make the 21st biggest bird taken in Indiana.
I have enclosed some pictures of some of our harvests from the past few years. 150s and 160s and Tristan’s first bow buck. We owe credit for a lot of our success to Whitetail Institute’s great products. Thanks Whitetail Institute for making a difference.