Roger Sowicki – New Jersey

We have used Imperial Whitetail Clover since the late ’80s with great success. Before using Imperial Whitetail Clover we planted rye or winter wheat and had some success for the fall but had to replant each year. A big problem for us.
Our property is 130 acres on top of a mountain in New York that we have owned since 1963. It had never been crop land. At first we planted rye in the fall to help fill our tags. We were very lucky to bag basket rack size bucks — 4 points and 6 points and even more common was spikes. After we heard about Whitetail Institute products my father called and purchased a bag of Imperial Whitetail Clover. We had great success our first season and every season since we see more deer and bigger bucks. Since then we opened up more fields and have more opportunity to bag nice shooter bucks. We get three to four years out of our fields. We took our largest buck to date an 11-pointer (146 B/C) this past year. Imperial Whitetail Clover really works.