Jay Stewart – Illinois

In 1972, I purchased 280 acres of farm land in Illinois. The property was initially purchased for farming and residence. At that time, the deer population was few in numbers and deer hunting potential was not realized. I killed my first buck by bow on Nov. 9, 1978; it was a 10-point, what we call today a basket rack.
I have been hunting deer on my property with both gun and bow ever since. My property consists of 155 tillable acres, 65 acres which is bottom ground bordered by Otter Creek on the west. The remainder of ground is residence, timber, ponds, and deer plots. In later years, I started thinking about the remaining ground and how to enhance my deer herd; getting bucks and does in balance, along with their health, and developing my property to attract and hold bucks and does. I initially started researching food plots, timber management, bedding attractions, and companies that supply products and information on these goals. After a couple years of research, I decided on Whitetail Institute of North America due to their years of research and valuable information they supply in all aspects of my goals. Seven years ago, I started with 3 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover. This plot continues to be productive with fertilizing and with mowing and spraying for weed and grasses once a year. Each year since, I expanded my Imperial Clover plots in different areas of the property and now have approximately 12 acres in cultivation, some plots as small as 1/2 acre. Even my pond areas, where I had fescue planted for erosion purposes, Imperial Clover is now planted. I plan to plant 4 to 5 acres of Imperial PowerPlant this coming spring. As to my deer population; bucks have increased their antler size, some now past 170 class; does and fawns seem healthy with added growth. This property is hunted by family and a few friends. We are continuing to try to keep the herd in balance by maintaining buck to doe population. My research results and choosing Whitetail Institute for its products and information has enhanced my property for deer hunting beyond my expectations. Imperial clover is so prolific that I still have plots planted producing without having to replant. Attached is a photo of one of my Imperial Whitetail Clover fields around a pond and another photo of just one of the bucks we’ve taken.