Robert Glenn — West Virginia

I started using Imperial Whitetail Clover five years ago. My bucks have gone from 12- to 14- inch spreads to 16 to 20 inches. I’ve killed two real nice bucks and seven good bucks. I have 38 acres and have seen more deer each year since planting.
Property owners around me have also enjoyed the fruits of Whitetail Institute’s amazing products. In the last five years the deer have gotten bigger and healthier. I’ve gone from seeing 10 in a week to seeing 10 to 20 per day. The last buck I killed green scored at 139-3/8 and will be going into the Pope & Young books. Thanks again Whitetail Institute for the help in growing bigger and better bucks and helping me get a Pope & Young buck. Neighbors around me have also started using Whitetail Institute products after seeing the difference they truly make.