Pat Strawser — Pennsylvania

I just wanted to take the time to say thanks Whitetail Institute for providing such great products. I hunted with Mr. Scott about 12 years ago and, after seeing his passion for his products, I am not surprised that Whitetail Institute is the number one food plot manufacturer for all serious wildlife managers.
We began hunting on our Ohio property about six years ago. We were finally granted permission to put in a few food plots. We turned to Whitetail Institute for all of our products. We had already been using the 30-06 Mineral for several years, but now we were able to get some seed in the ground. The plot is in a secluded area at the base of two ridges, alongside a creek and right up against a 100-acre clear-cut. It’s the perfect scenario. We broadcast some Imperial Whitetail Clover, drug the whole plot with lawn rakes and then top-sowed it with No-Plow. We were fortunate to get rain soon after and the plot exploded. I was amazed at how the No-Plow came up so fast and provided cover for our clover. We now have a great secluded food plot in an area where there are no crop fields. We simply maintain it with our hand held fertilizer spreaders and our weedeaters. It truly is a magnet for all wildlife. I’ve been fortunate to take a 130- and a 140- class buck off the plot over the last two years. Without a doubt, this plot is the most vital piece of our hunting ground. We work too hard for our money to trust this plot to anyone other than Whitetail Institute. Thank you.