Rob Stone - Alabama

My family owns a farm in northeastern Alabama, and it has been in our family for over five generations. My grandfather was a cattle farmer but leased the mountain land for hunting. As the grandkids got older and started gaining more interest in not only hunting but habitat management, we decided to terminate the lease and start implementing a management plan.
Over the past 10 years, we have done everything from planting food plots, to planting trees to create a better and more diverse habitat. That being said, our first efforts were to create food sources to supplement the mast crop in the mountains. I heard about Imperial Whitetail Clover and decided to give the clover a shot. After just the first year we were very pleased with what we saw. The initial results for us included pictures in summer of multiple mature bucks, turkeys in the spring and summer and deer utilizing the plots during the fall and winter. But out of all the advantages for me the biggest two are providing an annual high protein food source with a seed that you only have to put in the ground once every four to six years. We have seen a significant change in our property over the past eight years. We have more mature bucks than ever before, with better antlers and bigger bodies. I’ve included a photo of a buck I killed that grossed 156. I shot this buck next to an Imperial Whitetail Clover field. There was also a 160-class buck that used this field all summer, and was killed by our neighbor’s son during the youth hunt. We have planted several more Imperial Whitetail Clover fields and have made Imperial Clover a key element of our food plot program. Thanks Whitetail Institute for providing a quality product with great customer service.