Paul Vilinski - Minnesota

I have purchased Winter-Greens in each of the past two seasons. The first year that we tried it we did not purchase a lot with not knowing what to expect. We had tried other food plots with little to no success.
In that first year of planting, we saw deer on a nightly basis on the small field we had planted. The deer were walking right past a standing corn field to get to the Winter-Greens. The only problem we had with the Winter- Greens was that it was almost all gone by rifle season. Between bow and rifle season we harvested four deer off of the small field. This past year we purchased twice as much Winter-Greens. It was doing great until the middle of August when we experienced a terrible drought for over one month. The Winter-Greens miraculously survived. They did not grow as well as the year before, but it still attracted the deer when other crops didn’t survive the drought. During the two weeks leading up to rifle season, the buck sign really picked up on and around the Winter-Greens field. On the opening morning of rifle season, I saw this buck sneaking through the back edge of the woods towards the Winter-Greens field. In the past two years, we have seen more and bigger deer. I am a firm believer in Winter-Greens and will continue to purchase Whitetail Institute products.