Brian Kramer — Kansas

I am 28 years old and have been hunting whitetails for approximately 10 years. Two years ago our family purchased 160 acres in Rice County, KS.
This ground is known as the Sand Hills and as the name suggest it is not the best soil to grow crops on. We knew there were a lot of deer in the area but we really didn’t have much on our ground to give them a reason to cross the fence from the neighbors and hang out on our ground. That was until we burned some ground, worked in some lime and planted Tall Tine Tubers! Even though there was an extremely high content of sand in the soil the turnips grew great! There was an amazing amount of forage and the deer could not get enough. It was nothing to see 20 deer hitting our small 2-acre plots during an evening hunt. Thanks to the Whitetail Institute for a wonderful product that has given our family some great memories already. Enclosed is my deer (photo 1) and my older brothers deer (photo 2) (his biggest to date) both shot over our Tall Tine Tubers plots.