Steve Scudder - Indiana

I started using Whitetail Institute products more than 10 years ago on a property that I had that didn’t have any agricultural fields nearby. I wanted something to attract deer and that would benefit them. I started out using Alfa-Rack and was impressed beyond belief with the attraction and the difference it was making with the body and antler size on the deer.
A couple years later I planted an Imperial Clover plot and a No-Plow plot on another farm I hunted that had crops in every direction around it. Again, the deer were using them on a regular basis even with the crop fields close by. I would even occasionally watch deer walk across a green soybean field straight to the Imperial Clover patch and start feeding. Over the years I have used several of the Whitetail Institute products, annuals and perennials, and have had GREAT success with everything that I have planted. I have to say that even though the plots have turned out some very nice bucks over the years, my proudest moments have been seeing my son hunting over them and taking several deer and turkey. The plots have been a key tool in helping introduce him into the hunting world. There is always some type of action in our plots, be it deer or turkey, and that keeps a kid’s attention. I have to say thank you to the Whitetail Institute for all of the great products and keep up the great work. I look forward to trying any new products that they come out with in the future as I know without a doubt that they will do as they say, attract and grow bigger and healthier deer! I’ve included some photos of some of the deer that we have taken since using Whitetail Institute products. Including my son Tristan’s deer and my best deer ever that we took this past year. It was a year of unforgettable memories for us to say the least. Words can’t describe the feeling I got as I watched my son harvest a 184-inch deer that we watched all year long. (Photo 1) That day in September went down as one of the proudest days of my life. Then later in December I was able to close the deal on a 235-inch deer that I had been after for three years. (Photo 2) I’m not sure how we could ever top last year or if we ever will, but you can bet that we will keep on with the Whitetail Institute products and making some great memories as we go. One very satisfied customer.