Ryan Woller — Wisconsin

9 years ago we purchased 60 acres. The land was primarily non worked farm land. Shortly afterwards I began planting food plots after my brother in law introduced me to Imperial Whitetail Clover. He showed me 2 plots on his farm. One was planted in Imperial Whitetail Clover and was 3 years old and one that was standard clover from a coop.
The Imperial Whitetail Clover plot was very impressive and that is when I began using it. The first year I started with a small Imperial Whitetail Clover plot on my new farm. Since that first year I have added a plot of Chicory Plus, a plot of Winter-Greens, two bigger plots of Imperial Whitetail Clover and a plot of PowerPlant. Besides the food plots I have planted over 5,000 trees for cover and browse. Pines, spruce, dogwoods, elderberry, apple, and various nuts. I have been seeing more deer, mainly does and the bucks show up at night on camera. Given the drought I was very impressed at how well the products grew this past year even with the lack of water. During the bow season the products were drawing does on a regular basis which gave me confidence I would have a shot at a nice buck. I saw several bucks during bow season. I never had a shooter in range but did get to see some from a distance. The food plots have definitely done a great job of drawing and holding deer. The late season product Winter-Greens is great for November. I have no doubt that the product has held deer close and allowed me to see more deer during the hunting season. It is December and the deer are still coming. I took the buck in the photo this past November. He has 22 points and scores around 190.