Imperial Whitetail Oats Plus

Every now and then, it pays to be lucky. And that’s just how the newest addition to the Whitetail Institute’s product lineup, Oats Plus, got started — with a stroke of luck.

The backbone of new Oats Plus is a winter-hardy oat variety that is incredibly attractive to deer. The Whitetail Institute first heard about the oat several years ago, when one of its worldwide agriculture contacts told the Institute about an oat variety that had been included in a university research project comparing how well different oat varieties performed as grain producers. According to the Institute’s source, the university researchers had removed one particular oat variety from the grain-production tests and shelved it because it had been so heavily preferred and grazed by deer.

While the university researchers saw the oat variety’s incredible attractiveness to deer as a problem in their grain-production trials, the Whitetail Institute was, for obvious reasons, very interested in exploring the variety’s potential as a forage for use in food plots for deer. The Institute’s initial tests included evaluating the variety’s attractiveness to deer, how well it grew in various climates and other performance characteristics related to use in food plots for deer. Those tests confirmed what the Institute’s contact had said: The oat variety was high in sugar and extremely attractive to whitetails. The tests also showed that the variety is well suited to a broad range of climates, and that it is winter hardy — another excellent characteristic for any plant being considered for use in food plots for deer.

Because of the oat variety’s stellar performance during Whitetail Institute initial testing, the Institute purchased the rights to the variety and named it Whitetail Oats. Whitetail Oats is the most attractive oat variety for deer the Institute has ever tested, and it is only available in Whitetail Institute products.

For the next six years, the Institute continued to test Whitetail Oats, by itself and blended with other forage varieties, to design an oats-based forage blend that could max out on food plot performance. No matter how good a plant variety might be as a deer forage, rarely will one variety perform as well as a properly formulated blend of multiple varieties. That’s why most Institute forage products are blends rather than just one plant variety, and it’s the reason for the “Plus” in Oats Plus. In addition to Whitetail Oats, small amounts of winter wheat and triticale are included to enhance winter hardiness even further.

Like all other Whitetail Institute forage products, you can rest assured that the components and their ratios in Oats Plus have been exhaustively developed and tested under real-world conditions across the United States and Canada to ensure that Oats Plus is the best that the Institute could make it. And like many Whitetail Institute seeds, Whitetail Oats may not be ideal for agricultural purposes (growing hay, feeding cows or producing grain) but it proved perfect for deer hunters because the deer love it.

Oats Plus is designed to thrive in a wide range of soil types, from slightly sandy to heavy bottomland. Loamy to heavy soils are best. One 45-pound bag of Oats Plus will plant up to a half an acre. If you would like more information about new Oats Plus, or to order, visit, or call the Whitetail Institute at (800) 688- 3030.  

• High sugar content
• Exceptionally attractive to deer
• Winter hardy
 • Easy to plant
• Establishes very quickly
• Begins drawing deer right away
• Holds deer longer into the winter

• The most attractive oat variety to deer the Whitetail Institute has ever tested
• The backbone of OATS PLUS

• Only available in Whitetail Institute products