Chic Magnet is Forage "A-Lister"

Imperial Whitetail Chic magnet
By Whitetail Institute Staff

Anyone who has surfed TV channels at night and stumbled across a celebrity gossip show has probably heard of the “A-List,” a name by which Hollywood describes a small group of the movie industry’s top stars. Referred to as “A-Listers,” actors who make the cut are automatically invited to any Hollywood party, no matter where it’s held or who the host is. And there’s a reason: A-Listers make the party a whole lot better just by showing up.

Most of us deer hunters aren’t A-Listers, and in fact it’s pretty likely that most of us will never even see one in person — at least not the Hollywood kind. However, we deer hunters have access to another kind of A-Lister that can be of much greater benefit to us than the actor kind. It’s a forage A-Lister that, like the actor type, is well suited to a broad variety of situations and can make all of them even better just by being there. The A-Lister I’m referring to is Imperial Whitetail “Chic” Magnet, a Whitetail Institute perennial forage product that is well suited to a variety of soil types and climates, does great by itself or can make existing food plots even better. Plus it will draw and hold deer as well, as its name implies.

“Chic” Magnet perennial forage Chicory has lots in common with other Whitetail Institute forages and forage components. One similarity is that, like all other Whitetail Institute forages, “Chic” Magnet, which contains the Whitetail Institute’s WINA 100 Chicory, is extremely attractive to deer, much more so than other Chicories that can become waxy and stemmy as they mature. Another is in how the Chicory first became a component in Whitetail Institute forage blends through the Whitetail Institute’s painstaking research, development and testing process. This is the same process that first brought other industry-leading forages to the food plot market, such as Imperial Whitetail Clover, the lettuce-type brassicas in Winter-Greens, the Persist forb in Extreme, and the Whitetail Oats in Forage Oats Plus, just to name a few.  

In fact, it’s the same process that assures Whitetail Institute customers that no product will bear the Whitetail Institute name unless and until it is the very best the Institute can make it. That process is long and tedious. But it’s worth it because Whitetail Institute customers have come to expect nothing but the best from the Whitetail Institute products.

Those are just some of the things “Chic” Magnet has in common with other Whitetail Institute forage products. But, it is unique in one way in that WINA-100 perennial forage Chicory started as a component in other Whitetail Institute forage products and remains so to this day, and later the Whitetail Institute started packaging it separately as “Chic” Magnet in response to customer demand.

Perhaps this is the best possible evidence of just how attractive and versatile WINA-100 Chicory is. First, consider how broad a variety of forage products contain WINA Chicory. One such product is Imperial Chicory Plus, a perennial product designed to do best in heavy soils that hold moisture and have a soil pH of a least 6.5 in areas that receive at least 30 inches a year in rainfall. Another is Alfa-Rack Plus, a perennial designed for sites that drain well. WINA-100 Chicory is also a component of Imperial Whitetail Extreme, also a perennial designed for well-drained sites, but that can tolerate annual rainfall levels as low as 15 inches per year and soil pH as low as 5.4. And WINA- 100 Chicory is even in Secret Spot, a fall/winter annual product designed to grow with minimal ground preparation.

Like all Whitetail Institute forage products, “Chic” Magnet is a top performer. More tender and less stemmy, “Chic” Magnet is highly palatable to deer and provides protein levels up to 44 percent, even during periods of excessive heat and drought when other forages can slow or cease production. It’s also versatile, designed to grow well in a variety of soil types and drainages, and it’s even one of the easiest perennials to plant — by itself in a prepared seedbed, by mixing with other seeds, or simply by overseeding into existing forage stands. “Chic” Magnet can be planted in the fall, and in the spring in most areas, and it’s designed to last up to three years. A single 3-lb. bag of “Chic” Magnet will plant up to one acre.

If you’d like an extremely high-protein perennial forage that’s highly attractive, well suited to a wide variety of climates and soil types, tolerant of lower rainfall, resistant to late-summer heat and drought and easy to plant, “Chic” Magnet is what you’re looking for. Give it a try; plant it by itself, mix it with other seeds or overseed it into your existing forage stands to add attraction, variety and nutrition. For more information about “Chic” Magnet or to order, call the Whitetail Institute’s in-house consultants at (800) 688-3030.