Everyone Wants ....Results

As the old saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” For some time, Whitetail Institute field testers and customers have asked the folks at Whitetail Institute to make available a deer feed supplement that they could use in their nutritional management programs. So the obvious question would be, “Why has a Whitetail Institute deer feed not been introduced?”

If you are familiar with the research program at the Whitetail Institute, you know that they don’t introduce a product unless it has been tested and retested all across the country to ensure that any product made available to their customers is industry-leading and lives up to the claims it is given. For many years, Whitetail Institute researchers have been working with deer feeds both at their testing facilities and with field testers across the country. Many times, these feeds performed extraordinarily well, but all the demands were not fully met…until now. The Whitetail Institute is proud to introduce Results, a nutrient-powered, research-tested feed supplement designed specifically for deer.

Whitetail Institute has been the industry leader in food plot forages for more than 20 years. This leadership was the result of painstaking research which produced products like Imperial Whitetail Clover which contains the only clovers genetically developed specifically for whitetail deer. The Whitetail Institute has also been the industry leader in mineral/vitamin supplementation with products such as Imperial 30-06 and Cutting Edge Nutritional Supplements. With this intense focus on food plots and mineral/ vitamin supplements it may be construed that deer researchers at the Institute did not consider feed supplements a priority as a key component in a nutritional program.

To the contrary, the Whitetail Institute has long realized the value and utilized the benefits of feed supplements in their research programs. Feed supplements, like food plots and mineral/vitamin supplements, are components or tools that can be used in a nutritional program when needed to help bring about the overall management goal. For instance, in many parts of the country during the cold winter months, food source availability is limited. Even if you plant food plots, the tonnage produced may not be enough to supply food throughout the entire winter. This is especially true if you have a prolonged winter, limited number of acres available for planting food plots or high deer herd numbers.

Feed supplements can be an invaluable tool to be used in conjunction with winter food plots in order to help deer maintain body conditions during this stressful time period. Even during the spring and summer, feed supplements can be a valuable tool in many different circumstances. For example, a late, cold spring can cause food plots and natural vegetation to have slow and/or stunted growth early on, causing a nutritional gap for antler growth and doe lactation. Further, in some parts of the country such as a the Deep South and the Southwest, hot dry weather can cause forages to have stunted growth and lower digestibility, causing a late summer nutritional gap. Feed supplements can be used to help fill these nutritional gaps and ensure that your deer herd does not suffer from sporadic nutritional deficiencies.

Feed supplements can also be used year-round as a nutritional insurance program. While drought and cold weather can create acute nutritional stress, milder changes in climate and vegetation can cause chronic nutritional strains. These particular nutritional stresses are often not necessarily visual and therefore go unnoticed. Feed supplements can act as an ever-present nutritional source filling these nutritional gaps whether they are apparent or not.

Results Deer Feed is the culmination of years of research and testing. For several years now the Institute has been testing a multitude of formulations, testing various ingredients and nutrient levels in order to achieve maximum nutrition as well as incredible attraction. Researchers at the Whitetail Institute arrived at the nutritional requirements needed in the feed years ago but still wanted to do some tweaking on attraction. Further research using Devour (Whitetail Institute’s scent and flavor enhancer) showed a dramatic difference in palatability and preference over other competitive deer feed supplements. To complete the formulation, a special water protectant called Rain Shed was added to help ensure the pellets better maintain their integrity during adverse weather conditions.

Results is packed with protein, a guaranteed minimum of 20 percent. This protein is derived from the highest quality, highly digestible ingredients providing rumen-digestible protein and by-pass protein. Both protein sources are needed for optimum protein utilization. Results also is also packed with energy provided through carbohydrates and fat to help your deer herd maintain top body condition. Quality fiber sources are also essential for deer as they help to maintain rumen health and proper function. However, not all fiber sources are beneficial to deer as some provide little or no benefit. Results contains only highly digestible and high-quality fiber sources selected based on the particular fiber needs of deer and the deer’s digestive system.

Minerals and vitamins are vital for antler growth, doe lactation, fawn development and overall herd quality. Results contains all essential minerals and vitamins formulated in specific amounts and ratios that were designed specifically for whitetail deer. As mentioned earlier, Results also contains Devour to ensure the desired consumption amount. While Results contains all of these important individual qualities, the real key to the effectiveness of Results is the sum or combination of these attributes. Protein, energy, fiber, minerals, vitamins and flavor enhancers all derived from high quality, specifically selected ingredients formulated in precise amounts produce a feed supplement that gives you what you pay for and expect — Results.

Results is manufactured and co-marketed with Southern States Inc. and MFA Incorporated. Southern States and MFA Inc. have been leaders in the feed manufacturing industry for many years and are known for providing extremely high-quality feed products. With manufacturing sites across much of the U.S., Southern States and MFA Incorporated will help to ensure you can get Results efficiently and timely