Billy Norris - Maryland

 I have owned my farm in Kent County, MD for seven years now and have finally gotten my food plots correctly established. My son, Miles, and I have been practicing QDM and it is paying off. We have seen a noticeable improvement in the quality of our herd since beginning to use Whitetail institute products! I harvested this 5 to 6 year old 12-pointer with 24-inch inside spread on the second to last day of last year’s shotgun season over our 3 acre Imperial Clover Food plot! I enjoy Whitetail Institute’s website and Whitetail News and thought I would show the results of what I have learned from Whitetail Institute’s advice, products and stories! I’ve moved the game cam to my Alfa-Rack Plus plot, and I just finished preparing and planting my field behind my house (about twoplus acres) in Imperial Whitetail Clover. Planted on June 15 due to a really wet spring. It’s up out of the ground today, June 18. Thanks Whitetail institute for your products