Bryan Wafford – Ohio I am from southern Ohio and have been using Whitetail Institute products for three years. I’ve planted Winter Peas Plus, Tall Tine Tubers, Imperial Whitetail Clover and Fusion.
Since I have started using them, I have noticed an improvement in the racks of the deer on my 89-plus acre property. I have also noticed the deer have been able to withstand the winter months easier due to the healthy nourishment these products provide them. I am very proud to say that after years of hard work and the help of Whitetail Institute products, I harvested a once-in-a-lifetime buck this year with a 23-point rack scoring 214-1/8 inches. I got my first trail cam picture of him three years ago, and I believe Whitetail Institute products helped me tremendously in keeping him on my property for three seasons until the perfect opportunity came to harvest him this past Jan. 7. I am beyond satisfied with the results I have received from Whitetail Institute products and look forward to using them to help attract and hold more deer and hopefully produce another once-in-a-lifetime buck