Bill Knight – Iowa We planted our first food plot about 25 years ago. We planted clover from the co-op and we saw some deer in it but the most we saw at one time was six or seven. Two years later, my dad bought a bag of Imperial Whitetail Clover to try. We planted the same field, and the difference was like night and day.
We saw deer in that field morning, noon, and night. I saw 51 deer in it at one time. Since then we’ve planted a lot more Imperial Whitetail Clover and also Winter-Greens, Tall Tine Tubers and Extreme, and these products are outstanding as well. We killed good deer before we planted our food plots, but we’ve killed a lot more big bucks and we see a lot more deer as well since planting. We killed a 206-inch buck several years ago and we’ve killed about 20 others that score 150 inches and up. I have been blessed to kill a lot of great bucks in my life with my bow but two years ago I killed my best buck yet. He is a 10 by 6 that scored 191-1/8 inches. (photo 1) We have several trail cam pictures of him in our Imperial Whitetail Clover plots, and I killed him right on the edge of a thick bedding area about 100 yards below one of our Imperial Whitetail Clover plots. This past season, I was blessed again. The wind was right, so I decided to hunt what we call The Kill Plot. It is a three year old Extreme plot. It’s an awesome spot surrounded by thick cover. I had heard a buck grunting an hour or so earlier up on a ridge above me and had just about forgotten about it when I heard it again. But this time, I could see deer moving my way. I reached for my bow and looked back at the plot, and a doe was on the edge of the plot staring at me. Fortunately, she relaxed and began feeding. I got my bow down, and I saw him. It took a little time, but he eventually gave me a 15 yard shot. Although he’s not my biggest buck, he is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever killed. (photo 2) He scored 166-5/8 with a 21- 5/8 inch spread and only 1-3/8 inch of deductions. Whitetail Institute food plot products are the best there are — period. The nutrition they provide helps with herd health and their ability to draw them to our property is off the charts. Thanks, Whitetail Institute for making such great products.