Where I hunt is about 1/2 mile up on the mountain near a national forest. Since starting to use 30-06 mineral supplement several years ago, I have noticed healthier deer and better racks.
On Nov. 5, this past season, I harvested the biggest buck I have taken in my life! He scored just over 168 inches and dressed out at 189 pounds. It was around 70 degrees that day, so I set up near a small creek that flowed out of the mountain. About 4:30 p.m. he came down the ridge to the water. It was about a 90-yard shot with my muzzleloader. I just sat there for a long time in shock, thanking God for this blessing. After 42 years of hunting (I am 52), I finally harvested the buck of a lifetime! I took my buck to the Virginia State Competition in Fishersville, VA this past weekend. He took first place in the western region and first place in the state class 10 (muzzleloader 9, 10 and 11 point division). Thanks, Whitetail Institute, for creating a great product that definitely works!