We have numerous plots of Imperial Whitetail Clover we have planted and been maintaining on our 300 acres for about five years now. The deer stay in them all the time, and they bed close to them also. We have killed two other big bucks over one specific Imperial Whitetail Clover plot, and we have noticed a huge increase in the number of deer on our properties since planting these plots.
We also plant two plots in fall with the Winter-Greens, and we strategically set up these plots and stands around them for archery hunting. During the rut with the first frost and for late season hunting, when the ground is frozen, it really is a special thing to watch a deer dig up the turnip bulbs out of the frozen dirt in January.

Photo (1) shows one of the big bucks my brother, Corry, took on a Winter-Greens plot. This year, the week before Labor Day, my son helped me with the process of planting the Winter-Greens plots. I had already been following a great buck that we called “The Big One Two,” since July. The plots turned out just perfect, and even though the apples were very plentiful here this year, the deer were hitting the tall, green leaves way more than the apples. On Saturday, Nov. 1, I decided to set up on a creek draw between the Winter-Greens plot and the top Imperial Whitetail Clover plot. I saw a lot of deer activity early in the afternoon, including a few small bucks chasing does around me. Later, I heard the leaves crunching in the bottom about 80 yards below me, and I knew it was him. He headed straight toward me. With his nose in the air, he was checking for does in the plot.

He walked up to 15 yards and turned looking into the plot at the doe. He turned broadside to walk to the corner of the plot, and I grunted with my mouth to stop him, and I hit the trigger on my release and watched the arrow hit its mark. The deer expired less than 50 yards from my stand. He has 12 points, a 19- 1/2-inch inside spread and gross scored 140. Not my biggest buck, but very special to me because it's the first buck that my son helped me harvest. The buck was walking from the Winter-Greens plot, to the Imperial Whitetail Clover plot looking for does. Thank you very much Whitetail Institute for your wonderful products. Enclosed is a photo (2) with my son, Nevin, with my buck.