A Message from RAY SCOTT The Tiny, Mighty Seed

When you stop to think about it, the concept of a seed is an amazing thing — so small yet so powerful. So full of potential and promise. From the tiny mustard seed of the Bible — referring to the growth of faith — to the compelling image of the mighty oak emerging from an acorn, seeds remind us that great outcomes can come from the smallest beginnings. Seeds are nothing short of a miracle when you consider that all the properties of a plant are programmed into their diminutive structures.
From protein content to taste to climate hardiness and more, they contain all the qualities we consider when we select a planting for our own personal management programs — the qualities the Institute programs into their exclusive seed products through years of research and testing. I started the Whitetail Institute based on my confidence in one particular seed — Imperial Whitetail Clover. That one seed started a deer nutrition revolution. And it planted a seed in my mind, the conviction that serious whitetail managers everywhere could benefit from a range of nutrition and forage products designed specifically for deer — especially fine fields of forage to attract, hold and grow better quality whitetail deer. That seed of an idea, nearly 30 years ago, took root and grew into a whole new industry dedicated to whitetail nutrition. At the Whitetail Institute, we know everything starts with the seed. We know the quality of the outcome will be no better than the quality of the seed itself. It’s that simple. That’s why it takes years to develop and test our products. Food plotters rightfully get caught up in all the steps beyond the seed: the soil, planting procedures, annuals, perennials, the weeds, the climate, equipment, when and where to plant, etc. All those things are critical but I hope you will take the time to read what all goes into annually producing the many tons of Imperial Whitetail food plot seeds in the excellent comprehensive article by Jon Cooner on page 8 “Seed Production — a Complex Journey to the Perfect Product.” The headline says it all. It is a complex journey indeed. And the product is as perfect as we can make it. The article demonstrates more than anything the extraordinary lengths the Whitetail Institute goes to insure the quality of its products. We have one aim: to make sure you get the absolute best possible results from your plantings. So if you always thought a seed was just a seed, be sure to read the article. I don’t believe you will ever be able to open a bag of Imperial Whitetail seed in the same way as in the past.