Laken Benson – Kentucky

I want to thank Whitetail Institute for producing such great products! I have a 1500-acre lease here in western Kentucky and the only products I use are Whitetail Institute’s. Right after turkey season, I put out 30-06 mineral and use it until the velvet drops. I put out 15 mineral lick spots this spring and the deer are wearing it out!
This is my third year on the farm with two of my buddies and we can tell a dramatic difference from when we started. I put down 4- 1/2 acres of Fusion this spring as well and it looks beautiful. Last fall we planted Whitetail Oats Plus on eight acres after they harvested our corn. I’m a huge supporter of Whitetail Institute products and I recommend them to all my hunting buddies around here. My buddy, Kasey, who is on the lease with me harvested a buck that grossed 207 inches on our farm. I really believe the 30-06 played a huge role in the growth of this deer. I had pictures of the buck from late July all the way until he killed him Nov. 11. See the enclosed photos of him at a 30-06 lick and on Nov. 11 after Kasey killed him. The buck was the third biggest ever killed in Webster county and the second biggest with a bow. Thanks again, Whitetail Institute, for the great products!!