It all started nearly 20 years ago when my father harvested a gross score 198-5/8-inch five-by-five on our farm. It netted 178- 3/8 inches typical, holding the county record for 15 years. I was perplexed by how this deer got so big.
After tons of research, I was able to nail it down to three key factors; age, nutrition and genetics. Looking at the nutritional part of their diets is when I found the Whitetail Institute. I ordered my first bag of Imperial Whitetail Clover 16 years ago and it was sown into the moist soils of our farm. I was amazed at how the deer were so attracted to the clover, and how the bucks seemed to be so attracted to this field during daylight hours. A few years went by and the results were amazing. I noticed larger body mass and a major difference in antler growth. Well, 16 years later and with numerous Whitetail Institute products always present on my farm, I have harvested over 17 P&Y bucks including my first gross Booner this year.
The trail cam photo shows a buck we call Curley. He was born, bred and raised on Imperial Whitetail Clover. He was about 150 inches last year and around 180 inches this year. He was in that same small Imperial Whitetail Clover field all the time. I have tested other food plot products beside the Whitetail institute products, and the deer would walk right through them to get to the Whitetail Institute products. I literally would have to mow the other clover plots to keep them from flowering, but the deer kept Imperial Whitetail Clover down at six inches at all times. Whitetail Institute is truly the leader in the food plot industry because they truly care about us as conservationists, the heath of the deer herd, putting all the research and development into their products, and focusing on the next generation of hunters coming in to this great sport every day. When I take my young children out, I always hunt my Whitetail Institute food plots because I know we will see deer. I can’t thank Whitetail Institute enough for making my quest become a reality. The 200-inch mark is just around the corner and with Whitetail Institute products it will be a reality. Thanks again, Whitetail Institute, for all you do. God Bless!