Doug Robbins – Tennessee

Our area is not known for trophy bucks. Someone would luck-up and kill something out of the ordinary once in a lifetime. But, usually a scrawny 8-point with small horns is all we could kill. A typical deer in our area was around 100 to 115 inches of antler and weighed around 150 pounds. We started planting Imperial Whitetail Clover about six to eight years ago.
The results have been unreal. Now, with the nutrition of the Imperial Whitetail Clover and the continued use of it over the years, our deer have blossomed in antler size and body weight. Since the introduction of the new Extreme, it is even better. Extreme is very useful in our area because of the droughts that we have. Now, we are killing deer that average 130 inches of antler. The body weights have also increased to an average of 200 pounds. It was December 26, last year. I had been sitting in a shooting house for several hours. There were several does in the field and a nice shooter 9-point with double eye-guards. I noticed the big 9-point turn and look in the direction he came from and I caught a glimpse of antlers. The big buck walked out into our clover field and began eating. I couldn’t believe it. He was out in the daylight. I expected to wake up any moment and find this was all a dream. After what seemed like eternity, and fumbling to get my gun, he turned broadside and I had a perfect shot. I shot him at 150 yards. He ran around 30 yards and fell dead. My dream had come true! I just couldn’t believe I had killed such a massive buck for our area. This was the biggest buck that I had ever killed in Tennessee. He scored 148 inches and had a body weight of 225 pounds. I never thought a deer this size could ever be killed in our area. All the hard work that my family and I put in to grow deer and let the little bucks go finally paid off. The use of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Extreme helped make it possible.