A Message from RAY SCOTT Success Measured by More than Sales

Sales are in my blood like fishing and hunting are. I understood the concept of “trade” at a tender age. I was about five when I took a jar of my mother’s home-canned green beans to our neighbor’s house to swap for a jar of the sweet golden honey she harvested from her backyard beehives.
My mother marched me right back but I prevailed… and kept the honey at our neighbor’s insistence. I would go on to sell my extra sandwiches in grade school until my mother found out. In my early teens I sold bags of parched peanuts at city sporting events. Toting a huge basket, I would toss the bags and catch the coins that came back (sometimes with a tip!). I loved earning that penny on each bag and just as much, I enjoyed the feeling that I provided a genuine service to the folks who really wanted the fresh hot peanuts I promised.

I firmly believe the famous adage “nothing happens until somebody sells something,” be it a product, a service or an idea. That philosophy is the engine of the free enterprise system that has made our country great and a land of opportunity. In 1967 I “sold” the idea of successful bass fishing, tournaments and conservation to America’s anglers along with membership in Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S., Bassmaster) and membership reached over a half million. About 20 years later I sold the idea of better deer hunting and management through whitetail nutrition products when I founded the Whitetail Institute of North America. But in my many years of selling I learned successful sales went far beyond the simple transaction of money for a product or service.

It’s what happens AFTER the sale. In my early insurance days I called it “service after the sale” and I credit my entrepreneurial success to that philosophy. I even wrote a book a number of years ago, titled “Prospecting and Selling “subtitled “From a Fishing Hole to a Pot of Gold.” Corny, but it caught some eyes (and following my philosophy, you can order a copy by calling 1-800-518-7222). I learned early on to have true and lasting success, a one-time sale doesn’t get it. You’ve got to keep your customers and clients wanting to come back. I did that with both B.A.S.S. and the Whitetail Institute. My ventures succeeded not only with top-quality products but top-quality service. It was top-quality products and our philosophy of service and the dedication of our consultants that took us to the top of the deer nutrition industry we pioneered. And it is top-quality products and our consultants that keep us there. I am obviously proud of our products but equally so with the experts who talk to our customers every day and explain our products and how to use them — whether the caller buys or not. And I’m equally proud of the many loyal hunters and whitetail managers who come back season after season for both products and information. A longtime customer who returns to call for a product or advice is our proudest achievement!