My 10-year-old son Gavin has set the bar high for all of us. During the Iowa early Muzzleloader season, he killed this buck which gross scored 173-4/8 inches. Even more amazingly he gross scored 165 inches as a main frame 8-point.
His brow tines are 12 and 11 inches. We’ve been using Whitetail Institute products for over 20 years, and to say we are pleased is an understatement. I guess that’s pretty obvious when we’ve been using them for so long. We think Gavin’s buck is a descendant of the 206-inch buck with long brow tines a friend killed on our land several years ago. We’ve raised our standards (except for kids) to the point to where we don’t shoot anything less than 4-1/2 years old, and we have killed 160-inch plus deer every year for the past 10 years. We use mostly Imperial Whitetail Clover but also use Extreme, Winter-Greens and also use Secret Spot. All these products have performed well but the Imperial Whitetail Clover continues to amaze us. It is extremely hardy, lasting for years through the cold and severe droughty times. The nutrition it provides is helping our deer reach their genetic potential at maturity and that’s a big part of why we constantly shoot 160-inch-plus deer. But best of all, the deer love it. We see deer in our Imperial Whitetail Clover plots all the time, whether it’s noon or midnight. We have seen as many as 49 deer in an Imperial Whitetail Clover plot at one time. I also want to mention that Whitetail Institute customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere. We thank Whitetail Institute for not only their products and customer service but for the effort they put into developing these products and for helping dreams come true, even for a 10-year-old.