We recently moved from Oklahoma to South Carolina after nine years of success with Whitetail Institute products on our 195-acre farm in Oklahoma priming it with 10 acres of Whitetail Institute products.
(Photo 1 shows a buck my wife took on our Oklahoma farm) We dreaded having to start over again, but we knew our ace in the hole was Whitetail Institute. If you plant it, they will come. We had plenty of cover, but the deer lacked vegetation, which made this a prime opportunity to show the power of Whitetail Institute products. We purchased a new tractor with a 6-foot reverse tine tiller and prepared a few promising spots for food plots. Previous experience had taught us Tall Tine Tubers and Winter-Greens were extremely drought tolerant, grew quickly and were great options for shed hunting in early March. As the plants reached 6 inches tall the deer started topping them as a farmer would a tobacco patch. Deer piled into the plots. We began to worry the deer would wipe our plots out before prime hunting came around. Our fears subsided as we scrolled through past food plot pictures, reminiscing how well these two products pack on the foliage. Additionally, the tubers grew larger than softballs which the deer pummeled in January and February. On Nov. 1, after two months of food plot growth, my wife and I each hunted over the two plots. An hour after setting up, I heard the sweet sound of her .243 crack and she sent me a message she just took a nice buck. After a short tracking job, a 225-pound eight-pointer aged at 5-1/2 years was found on an old logging road. The buck scored 130 inches and was our first deer taken at our new farm in our new home state. (photo 2) I wholeheartedly believe this feat would not have been possible without Whitetail Institute products. Are there other food plot companies and products out there? Not in our “record book!”