Mark Mabry - Ohio

Here is a photo of the non-typical buck I shot on the morning of Nov. 4, which just so happens to be my birthday, too. We have been using Whitetail Institute products for six years now. Currently we have No-Plow, Extreme, Chicory Plus and several 30-06 mineral sites.
We get multiple pictures of multiple bucks throughout the year on our plots and mineral sites but I hadn't seen any pictures of this particular buck. Two buddies of mine have several pictures of this buck on a farm more than a mile and a half away, yet on the morning of Nov. 4 at 8:50 a.m. he showed up feeding on our Extreme plot. After watching him feed for almost 10 minutes by himself, he presented a good shot at less than 25 yards. Since using Whitetail Institute products we have larger, healthier does and fawns. Bucks grow extremely fast and are attracted to our farm throughout the year. Thanks Whitetail Institute for the great products, and we look forward to using them again in an even larger capacity next year!