Here’s a picture of my buck from last season. He scored 174. (Photo 1) He would feed at noon on a food plot mixed with Pure Attraction and Winter Peas Plus.
I shot him on Oct. 14 an hour and a half before dark. That afternoon, my ATV broke down on the way to the stand I planned to hunt, so I decided to hunt a closer stand. I wasn’t in the stand a half hour when he came walking through. I made the 33-yard shot and he didn’t go 150 yards before expiring. I couldn’t believe how big he was. Trail cam pictures didn’t do him justice. He put on 25 inches from the previous year. I shot a big 8-point the year before on an Alfa-Rack plot, too. He scored just shy of 150. (Photo 2) Also, my best friend shot a double drop-tine buck over the same Alfa-Rack plot this year. He scored 173. Needless to say we love Whitetail Institute products!