Brett Neal — Illinois

Four years ago, my father and I started hunting a piece of property. Though there were decent deer on the property, we just weren’t getting the results we had expected.
So three years ago, we decided to plant 6 total acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover, Double- Cross, Winter-Greens and Tall Tine Tubers throughout our 300-acre property. The results were immediate. Deer literally started piling onto our property and it has increased every year. We now get thousands more trail cam pictures every year and the bucks just keep getting bigger! I killed a 150-inch 9- point 2 years ago (photo 1) and my latest bowkill is a 147-inch, 270-pound giant (photo 2). The bucks just flock to these plots during the rut. Thanks Whitetail Institute for these amazing products!