Rick Williams - Missouri

I purchased 40 acres and a log cabin in Missouri three years ago and have now purchased an adjoining property of 57-1/2 acres that joins my 40 acres on the south side. I planted several products from Whitetail Institute and the results were fantastic. The Imperial Whitetail Clover and Double- Cross really did well and I had deer feeding on them all year and into the winter and I was hooked. I planted a 2-acre plot with the recommended seed from MDC along with 1/2-acre in the NW corner of Double-Cross. The deer would walk across the entire 2 acres to get to the 1/2- acre Double-Cross plot — amazing! This will be my third year practicing QDM. on my property and I’ve noticed my deer growing better racks and larger bodies. I also have more deer using my 97-1/2 acres. When I moved here four years ago I would see an occasional deer now and then and now I see many deer and turkeys on a regular basis. The Double-Cross is a real magnet and I’ve never been to it and not seen deer on it. They loved it in October and they love it November and January. Things are certainly looking better since I started using Whitetail Institute products. See photo from one of my Imperial Whitetail Clover and Double-Cross food plots.