For the past three years whitetail management has been a priority on my 180-acre farm located in Maine. Using Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chicory Plus as the bulk of the food plots along with Winter-Greens for late season attraction, we’ve watched the deer population on the property increase steadily.
This summer, we saw this monster on our game camera sampling the 30-06 Mineral and Vitamin Supplement. He would only show up at three in the morning and was never seen at any time during the daytime. Knowing he was around, we stayed focused on keeping the does from being spooked. We kept the area as quiet as possible waiting for the rut to bring this ghost out in the daylight. On the afternoon of November 23, twelve-year-old Zacharie Chandler sat with his dad on our Imperial Whitetail Clover plot as the rain and sleet made for a miserable afternoon. The Fairbrother Farm Ghost made the mistake we had waited for all season and followed some does into the field, giving Zach a crack at his first buck! He is a 141-inch 8- point. This young man’s trophy buck made for quite a celebration and a memory he will never forget. The picture says more than words ever could!