Kris Klemick - Pennsylvania

“For decades, we dabbled with products that produced mediocre results. Since using Whitetail Institute products these last few years though, the change has been like night and day! We have a much healthier herd, a lot more deer and racks that quite simply, never existed and are unheard of for our area. These two pictures are a perfect illustration of what Whitetail Institute products can do for people! The first one is the 8 point I harvested 3 years ago. This has been our standard buck for decades, both in terms of body and rack size.
The second picture was from last year and showcases the results we’re now experiencing after 3 years of using Whitetail Institute products! A breathtaking 9 point with a 17 ¾” spread… the largest buck that has ever been taken in the 57 years we’ve owned the mountain. Unbelievably, he's not even the biggest one we have now either. During archery season, he was gored by an even larger 11 point. Thank you Whitetail Institute of North America!