Terry Greene - Georgia

Enclosed is a picture of my son Mac Greene with his first deer. Mac is 10 years old. We were hunting last season on our property in Elbert County, Georgia in late October. He and I were sitting together in a buddy stand late one morning after a rainy night. The big bodied 3 pointer walked out of the pines into a food plot we had planted with a mix of oats, chicory and Imperial Whitetail Clover.
Mac took the 75 yard shot with a Ruger .243 and killed it with one shot. I was so proud to be sitting with him and seeing how excited he was. I was also proud that he took the deer on a food plot that we had created together and he and I could see the results of our hard work. Two weeks later he and I were sitting together again in the same stand when a 9 point came out and Mac dropped it with one shot at 100 yards. I’ve enclosed a picture of it as well. Thanks so much Whitetail Institute for all you do.