Rex Lovelady - Arkansas

 My wife Stephanie decided to go hunting with me when our 11 and 14 yr. old boys wanted to wait for the youth gun season. The boys and I had been seeing a lot of does and a couple of nice bucks in our 3 acre Imperial Clover field but they couldn’t get a shot because it was just too dark when they came out. We had cleared and planted the field in the middle of our 40 acres of mostly pines and a few hardwoods.
Oct 21 we got to our stand at 4 pm and by 6 pm 18 does and fawns had been in the clover but got spooked by a dog barking. There was probably about 20 minutes of shooting light left when a small spike came to feed. As we were watching him this nice 200 lb 7 point with an 18 in wide spread came out feeding on the clover. We waited until he was broadside at 50 yards and she took the shot with our muzzleloader. When the smoked cleared he was laying right where he had been standing when she shot. If everyone could have heard her scream as she looked out and saw him laying there you would know how excited she was. The boys wished after we got home they would have gone with me. They may have to take turns now. We have never seen so many deer. Whitetail Institute products and information are great. Keep them coming. We have 4 more larger bucks on camera. Hope me and boys get our chance. Thank You!