New and Convenient for Man and Deer — 30-06 Mineral Vitamin Supplement BREAK-AWAY BLOCK

By Whitetail Institute Staff

If you’ve wished the Whitetail Institute would offer its famous 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin supplement in block form, your wait is over. The Whitetail Institute is pleased to announce the availability of its new 30-06 Break-Away Block.

Because the Whitetail Institute’s 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin supplement in granular form continues to be a mainstay of so many management programs, you might wonder why the Whitetail Institute has gone to the trouble of creating the same supplement in block form. The first reason is simple: The Whitetail Institute has always been customer- driven, and customers requested it. Another reason is so that you can give your deer exactly what they want. Deer are very much like humans in that each is an individual with unique likes. Some deer might prefer 30-06 in granular form, but others may prefer the block. If you haven’t tried 30-06 before, try the granular and block forms in sites that are close to each other, and let your deer tell you which they prefer. Either way, though, 30-06 in granular or block form isn’t just another glorified salt lick like some other so-called “mineral supplements” on the market, and the new 30-06 Break-Away Block is not a cattle block. It’s a true mineral/vitamin supplement that’s specifically formulated for the unique mineral, vitamin and dietary needs of deer. The three biggest nutritional components affecting deer during spring and summer are protein, minerals and vitamins. Many minerals are necessary for deer health and maximum antler growth during spring and summer — but not just any minerals.

They must be the correct minerals in the correct forms and ratios if they are to provide full benefit to deer. The 30-06 Break-Away Block is designed to optimize digestibility, and it contains the correct minerals in the right ratios for deer, as well as the necessary vitamins for antler growth, pregnancy and lactation, including vitamins A, D and E. Of course, no supplement will work if the deer don’t find and eat it. That’s why the Whitetail Institute has included multiple scent and taste enhancers in 30-06 Break- Away Block, including the Whitetail Institute’s proprietary Devour, an attraction component that can be addictive to deer. By approaching attraction from multiple angles, the Whitetail Institute has made sure that deer will use 30-06 products more quickly and more consistently. Whitetail Institute tests on wild deer showed deer love it so much they will dig huge holes in the ground to get to it. And the 30-06 Break-Away Block is designed so you’ll love it too because it’s so versatile and easy to use. Each 30-06 Break- Away Block is ready to go right out of the package, weighs 25 pounds and is even pre-scored so that if you want to use it for more than one location, you can easily break it up into four 6.25-pound segments. If you want to maximize the results your deer get from a mineral supplement, make sure it’s one that’s specifically and scientifically formulated for deer. The 30-06 Break-Away Block is highly attractive, and it provides deer with the essential minerals and vitamins they need to realize more of their genetic potential. One note of caution, though: 30- 06 Break-Away Block contains such powerful attractants that some states consider it bait, so consult your local game laws before using it. If you’d like additional information about the Whitetail Institute’s new 30-06 Break-Away Block, go to, or give our in-house consultants a call at (800) 688-3030.