Doug Dick - Pennsylvania

Over the last six years, my two sons and I have used several Whitetail Institute products. Chicory Plus has been by far the best food plots we have put in.
Over the last six years, we have obtained thousands of trail camera pictures of deer, bear and turkeys. We have photos of several bucks in the three-to-five-year age group which have developed into monster Pennsylvania deer.

Our food plots are easy to maintain, and we mow them twice a summer to keep them fresh. Just recently, with about two feet of snow on the ground and temperatures in the teens, there were 13 deer in the Chicory Plus plot. They had it all torn up digging for food. We have noticed that over the last three years, deer body size has increased with this year’s body weight of the average doe at 143 pounds field dressed and our bucks are 187 pounds field dressed. Antler size has increased with the average buck having an 8-point rack in the 16- plus-inch wide range. The antlers are also thick and heavy. Another positive thing is the doe are having twins and triplets.

This past archery season, my son took an 8- point, my friend took an 8-point, and I took a 10- point all within a 10 day period in early November. We were seeing six to 15 deer every evening from our stands. Also, we do not hunt on our food plots. We set up on travel corridors between bedding areas and 100 to 200 yards off the plots. During the spring and summer we place out several sites of the 30-06 Mineral. We believe this helps give the doe and fawns a big boost. It also helps with antler development. We have decided to put in another two-acre plot of Chicory Plus this spring and plant a plot with Winter-Greens since it is very close to a thick bedding area. One thing is for certain: The deer sure do love the food plots and we have had as much fun getting pictures as we have hunting them. Enclosed are just a few of those pictures. Picture one is a nice 8-point with a drop-tine in a Chicory Plus plot. Picture two is of two bucks at a 30-06 lick. Thanks Whitetail Institute for a great line of products.