T.J. Moore - Kentucky

I’m writing you to tell you how much I am pleased with your product. I live on a 110-acre farm that I have hunted for the last 6 years. I planted about 5 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover last spring. The clover did great. I started seeing a lot more deer on my farm. At the start of this year’s bow season I saw some good bucks on my land, a lot more than I had ever seen before. This year during gun season I was hunting my farm and I harvested the big buck we had been seeing in one of my food plots. The buck had a 22-inch inside spread and was an 8-pointer. The buck grossed 151 and netted 145. It is the biggest buck I have ever harvested and you can bet I will be planting more Clover. I have enclosed a picture of the buck taken with me and my 3 year old son Colby. I thank you all and keep up the good work.