Steve Scott - Alabama

 It just doesn’t get any better. I’m one of the fortunate men in this world who the good Lord blessed in many ways. One who married way out of my league. Some say I outkicked my coverage. Anyway, Kelly (I guess in a temporary state of insanity) said YES 15 years ago. I knew I loved her and knew she was good, but I just didn’t know at the time just how good she really was. She ranks in the top two sweetest people I’ve ever known.

Without a doubt the sweetest person I’ve ever known is my mom, who passed away a little over two years ago. My wife is on her way to catching up in sweetness. She is the best mom I could ever ask for my two sons and a wife that is second to none. What does all this have to do with hunting? Well that’s what makes me the luckiest man alive. First, I had the best mom anyone ever had. Second, I have the best wife anyone ever had. Third, I have two of the finest sons a man could ask for. And now my wife and kids are all getting into hunting. Does it get any better? I don’t think so.

Last year my oldest son, Gates, killed his first deer — a giant 10-point buck. My wife was thrilled for him. And after hearing the stories and realizing that Gates had no fear of his gun and its kick, said, out of the blue, “Can I try to shoot his gun and go hunting.” Uh-well, Uh-YEA. Like a lot of ladies and kids (myself included 30 years ago), Kelly said she always “kinda wanted to go hunting” but was scared of the gun and its kick. If you know a kid or lady who might have some apprehension about a big deer rifle, check out Remington’s Managed Recoil — it is truly unreal. Kelly and Gates are incredibly accurate because the 270 they shoot barely kicks with this ammo. Anyway, after hunting last year with me and passing on some does and small bucks (Kelly wanted to be able to mount her first deer), we hunted some more this year. Wouldn’t you know it she gets a 9-point that is bigger than the 10-point Gates killed last year. Oh my gosh, I’ve created a monster. I thought Gates was wound up by wearing out my cell phone and truck tires, but Kelly took it to another level somehow. We even met my sister and her family in the Wal-Mart parking lot to show it off. The truth be known, I might be more proud and excited than she is.

Now who wants their mom to out-do them in sports? Not Gates. He and I hunted together for the next few months passing on probably 25 to 30 bucks — a few nice ones, too. But after I said no each time when he asked, “Is it bigger than mamas,” he’d say, “Let’s wait.” Good things come to those who wait. Gates took a great 14-point on what was probably the last day we would be able to hunt this year, and there was probably 15 minutes of shooting light left. What a heck-u-va year. My wife and oldest son kill great bucks and my youngest son Jackson, who’s 8, has killed a big fox squirrel with a .22 and a bird with his BB gun and will be ready to get him a deer in a year or two. I’m looking forward to sharing a lot more great hunting seasons with my family. I am the luckiest man alive.