Russ Longrie - Wisconsin

I’ve hunted almost all my life on public hunting land. Several years ago CWD was discovered in Wisconsin. At this time a lot of land became available. We were able to get 160 acres in Jackson county. I have been a user of your product for over 10 years and I am a true believer. Last year I talked my hunting partner into buying Imperial Whitetail Clover and Alfa-Rack. The products came up great, and he had instant results. We bought trial cams and got pictures of four huge bucks coming to the food plot. Last year I shot the biggest buck I ever saw in my life. The buck was a 12-pointer, 220 lbs., 21.5 inside spread and green scored 163 5/8. ( P h o t o enclosed) I want to thank you for making great products and we plan on planting 2 more acres.