Jim Altepeter – Illinois

I purchased this property four years ago for deer hunting. The previous owner of the property hunted it regularly and wanted to sell it because he never saw any big deer to hunt. The property is only 40 acres, with 10 acres of woods.
So after I purchased the property I put up a game tracker camera to see what kind of deer were in the area, and how many deer. I then planted Imperial Whitetail Clover along the edge of the woods, started putting out 30-06 Plus Protein and noticed a difference in the first year in the bucks’ antlers. The bucks’ antlers were very small and poor on one side, but once I started the 30-06 their antlers became more symmetrical. And the clover field brought more deer into the area. After only 4 years of owning this property I harvested the biggest buck I had ever taken. This year I passed on many of the bucks that in years past I would have taken, but because of the game tracker I knew there were big bucks coming to the clover plot.