Hank Taylor – Virginia

I have purchased a couple of properties for hunting through the years, and one in particular stands out from the others. This particular property was one that my hunting buddies thought I would never buy. 

After walking all of the land and not being able to find any deer trails and only a small amount of sign, they wrote it off. But I had a gut feeling I could turn this into something special. This property had a water source, thick cover and only a few oak trees and no real focal point to attract deer. After working with Whitetail Institute products on my other property, I knew what needed to be done. I decided to buy it. I strategically opened up several sections of land that would get planted and also created a road system throughout the property that linked to these open areas. This gave me access with a tractor and equipment to plant and maintain my food plots. After getting soil tests done, I went to work planting Imperial Whitetail Clover, Tall Tine Tubers and Whitetail Oats Plus. Last season was my third year owning the property, and all the work was really coming together. From only seeing a few deer and a couple of young bucks the first season, I now had deer showing up all over this property and good deer trails leading to all the food plots. Enclosed are a few trail cam photos of bucks on the property and a photo of some of the bucks I’ve taken over the years. Starting into Season 4, the overall buck size is increasing even more, and I am seeing more does and fawns than prior years. So from starting with a property that showed no promise to most people, implementing a good plan, the right products and some work, this diamond in the rough is starting to shine! Thank you, Whitetail Institute, for making such great products for us hunters to work with.