Danny Turpin - Virginia

I have noticed a lot more sightings in the general area around the Imperial Whitetail food plots. We don’t harvest our deer out of the food plots, just catch them coming or going from them.
This past season turned out to be a good one. I had been watching a group of bucks during the summer and fall and just couldn’t wait for bow season. The first morning of bow season arrived. As I watched anxiously, nothing was happening, 7:00 am nothing, 7:15 nothing, 7:28 there he comes over a small hilltop. He traveled from 85 yards away to the nearby 50 yard mark and turned around feeding back and forth. 85 yards, 50 yards back to 85 yards. This continued for what seemed to be a lifetime. Finally, he turned once again walking straight to me, he never stopped. As he approached my previously marked 40 yard spot I knew that was my only shot. As his head went behind the red oak I had marked at 40 yards I drew and released a shot behind his left shoulder. After an hour I approached my best harvest yet. All I could see was horns. As I looked him over in awe I couldn’t even speak. I just looked at the sky above and thanked God for the opportunity. The official score isn’t available at this time but he is definitely qualified for Pope & Young’s books. My nephew also took his first respectable buck near an Imperial Whitetail Clover food plot. We had a 7 pointer and an 11 pointer. I think luck might have something to do with this, along with Imperial Whitetail Products.